New portfolio added!

Those who know me in person have probably witnessed my sometimes obsessive iPhone photo snapping at some point. In fact, if you've been somewhere with me at sunset or sunrise, it's almost guaranteed you have. I'm an avid Instagram user (there's a link on the bottom of the website navigation to your left!) and first fell in love with the quirks of camera phones when I decided to give Hipstamatic a try. Despite some misgivings – and my expensive digital SLR/random awesome film SLRs – I found the lure of immediacy and low-investment creativity irresistible. I found myself unexpectedly pushed  outside of my normal photographic confines, looking much more often at nature and still life, and enjoyed the results beyond any expectations. So let me say it loud:

The iPhone and apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic made me a better photographer. 

Eat it! Better  yet, let go of pretensions and take the same step I did. Make the most of what you have and enjoy it. 

And oh yeah, check out my new gallery here or by clicking the link on your left!